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There are so many choices of vitamins and routines these days that it can be truly overwhelming to figure out which ones to take and how many of each.

I read a lot of different information and tried different regimens at different times to see how I physically responded to each. I tested taking single multivitamins then tried separate individual vitamins/minerals targeting certain issues (in varying qualities and quantities).  I would always have success in certain areas but deficiencies in others. I couldn’t seem to get something that worked uniformly for me.

Then I ran across a great read while researching detox programs, Clear Body Clear Mind, and it gave a simple vitamin/mineral table laying out the optimum maintenance routine. I tried it and instantly noticed a calmly balanced physical feeling which was not there before.

I thought, “Maybe it isn’t just this vitamin routine that is causing this.” I tried changing it and once again began feeling the imbalance creeping back in so since then I have fully adopted it in my everyday life.

I also found that quality matters. I choose those without fillers, binders, anti-caking agents, glues and that are not synthetic. These all taint the vitamins.  I always read the labels and ensure I see where the source of that vitamin is coming from & look for any fillers or synthetics like magnesium stearate.

My routine is listed below along with which brands I use. In my estimation these have the highest quality ingredients and where I could find organic, I did. I do not have any extant medical conditions nor take any drugs or medications.


My Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

If you should like to see the benefits of, where to buy and prices for a particular supplement, please click on the name of it below:

B Complex (Max Stress B) – by Quantum Labs. This REALLY boosts my energy all day & helps to keep me upbeat. I  ONLY take 4 drops otherwise it will keep me up all night. It is that powerful.

B-Complex – by Vitamin Code is an alternative for those who don’t like liquid vitamins. My mom uses this one and keeps her spirits and energy levels high.

B1 – by The Vitamin Shoppe. I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT IT! This is a major stress buster & keeps my emotions high. I take one of these in the morning. If my mind is racing or I am stressed, I will take this at night and it helps me fall asleep and sleep soundly.

Niacin – by Solaray. I LOVE how this increases the blood flow throughout my entire body, makes my cheeks rosy & it, too, further boosts my energy. No naps here! As an added bonus it helps reduce radiation build up, something we all need in this toxic world today. I take 100 mg of this (since this is a 500 mg capsule, I pour out 1/5th of it and use daily)

Note: If you are not familiar with this vitamin, this amount normally produces a niacin flush which can make one turn red, itchy, feel cold and hot for about 30 mins or so.  It is worth the benefits to go through.

C –  by Vitamin Code. I use this as an immune system booster and I notice when I take it my teeth & gums do much better. I take 1 a day and if I take B1 at night, I will take one with it.

E  with A & D – by Vitamin Code. Another immune system booster that is known to help prevent inflammation, promotes bone growth, reduces chances of heart disease and age-related vision problems plus it protects the cells which in turn helps with anti-aging. Any woman wants this one! This makes my nails grow like crazy too. I take one of these a day.

Lecithin – by Peter’s Choice. I love this as it helps dissolve fats so I like to use it in conjunction with my oil. It also supports brain and nerve function which I can always use.

Note: It doesn’t dissolve in water so I blend a tablespoon in my green drink each morning, it fluffs it up making it frothier and has no flavor.

Oil -Ultimate Omega Xtra – by Nordic Naturals. When I take this I notice my skin doesn’t dry out as much and my joints seem more lubricated. My heart even told me it loves that I take it. Just gotta listen to that body sometimes. I take 1 a day.

Note: This particular oil contains 1480 mg Omega 3 s + 1000 IU D3 from fish so it is not vegan.  I get a lot of Omega 6 from seeds (hemp, flax & chia) that I blend in my morning drink, nuts and in the fish that I eat. If you don’t get Omega 6, you can try this one.

All Blend Oil –  by VitaBulk. This is a vegan alternative to the above oil.  I haven’t tried this brand but a number of my friends use this and they love it.

Cal Mag – by Peter’s Choice. Calcium Gluconate, Magnesium CarbonateApple cider vinegar (Bragg’s). For the instructions on how to make it click here. Oh my goodness, it is so relaxing, helps me sleep soundly & keeps my muscles from cramping. If you ever need to calm down, drink this. I try to drink 1 cup a night.

Synergy K – by Pure Encapsulations. I added this in myself as I noticed I was getting little deposits on the top of my toes which I brought up to my chiropractor. He pointed that I was not assimilating the calcium well so he advised this & voila, now those went down!

Minerals – ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops by Trace Mineral Research. This keeps my body’s entire electrical system functioning properly & is very calming to me. I take 10 drops a day.

My 97 yr old mother does this routine minus any liquids which require fair eye sight as she is low vision. The only medications she takes is a water pill whenever her feet start swelling due to having a worn out heart valve and some Tylenol (I don’t recommend) for her arthritis. Before she got on these vitamins she was taking several medications which she felt made her tired and unalive. She has gotten off them all and her doctor is amazed at how well she is doing. She is active and very upbeat.

A few of these can be purchased from The Vitamin Shoppe.  I belong to their Healthy Rewards Club where I earn points and get discounts. To join click HERE. I also love auto deliveries as (1) I can set up the items I need regularly (2) I can get 10% off certain ones which adds up and (3) I get free shipping. For this, click HERE. They also occassionally offer buy one and get the other half off & I watch for this too. If you don’t want an autoship they have free shipping on certain price ranges too and do price match.

A few of these can be purchased through the Amazon’s Subscribe & Save and Prime programs. For info on that click here .  I love this service as it allows me to just add what I need, when I need it then it just arrives at my door AND you get 15% off if you have 5 items shipped at once to the same address. I am all for saving time so I use this as much as possible for all my needs.  I wish all products were part of this program.

I hope you find this information useful.

Disclaimer: This is just a write up of what I find is successful for me, I am not a doctor and I am in no way giving medical advice here. I do advise, however, that you read the information, decide if this is something you would like to try then check it out for yourself, personally. If you have a medical issue, please talk it over with the appropriate specialists you work with before adding any of this to your regimen.  Nicole


Federal Trade Commission Notice: This is not a sponsored post. I get excited over organic products and enjoy reviewing the ones I use and love. I appreciate, support and affiliate with those individuals and companies who are making a difference in the world exchanging ethical, high quality, natural and organic, sustainable products along with honoring fair trade. I do use Affiliate links in this post and receive small commissions when something is directly ordered through one of them. Where I can arrange special coupon codes from any of these, I will pass them on to you to help you save money while organicfying your life. Should you use my links to buy a product and help support those who help you and me, it is truly appreciated and I thank you. My reviews are and will always be based on my honest opinion.

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