Sweeten yourself with Organic Cherries Fresh off the Tree

Grandmother, Father & Daughter Picking Cherries
We Love All the Vitamin Benefits of Cherries

Getting out on a gorgeous day cherry picking is an organic way to have family fun and sweeten yourself as you go.

There is nothing like getting a little fresh air in the lungs, exercising those arms, strolling through fragrant fields and laughing endlessly under the shade of trees while eating all the cherries you want. The children love it and I haven’t met an adult who didn’t thoroughly enjoy it yet.

Did You Know Cherries are Great For the Heart?

Now that spring is here, while the cherries are ripe, it is a wonderful opportunity to grab your loved ones, friends, hats and buckets and head out to a Pick-Your-Own farm to stock up on some fresh fruit. Click here to find one closest to you along with a map by state and city, a time chart that shows when picking is available and a weather report by region. Keep an eye out for the farms offering organic grown produce and click here for some cherry picking tips to help you prepare and know before you go. Its also a good idea to bring along some organic bags to help keep your treasures safe and fresh for the way home and a few days storage.

There are a couple types of cherries, sweet and tart (sour). Decide which you want to pick. Sweet are the ones you eat fresh off the tree and tart are for cooking, baking and canning.

Young girl with hat eating organic cherry
Mmmm. Gotta love the fiber in these cherries.

Cherries provide a ton of health benefits too. They….

Our whole family gets excited over organic cherries and we hope this helps you make some very cheery cherry choices! Nicole

Family smiling by organic cherry tree
We are all for better brain function.

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