The 7 Top Organic Clothing Brands Sourced and Made in USA

Photo Courtesy of Phillip Wheldon
Photo Courtesy of Phillip Wheldon

The 7 Top Organic Clothing Brands Sourced and Made in USA

With the world’s increased awareness of the health and environmental impacts of unfair labor practices, GMO crops and  the toxicity of the pesticides to dyes used throughout the clothing industry, there has been a massive movement across the globe to bring about fair trade, eco-friendly farming, organic practices and healthier dyes. Click here for some fantastic articles on this.

Courtesy of Earth Creations - 3 sets of hands with clay dye
Photo Courtesy of Earth Creations

A few years back when I first switched over to organic clothes they were priced much higher so I purchased one quality organic product instead of two or three of the non-organic cheaper ones. In a short period of time I realized that not only did I have a nice collection going but these items were lasting a lot longer, my body was breathing and my health was not at risk. When you add that altogether, man, you can really see how much more economical it is.

These days there are so many talented designers and a wide array of lovely organic clothing choices at very reasonable prices.

Further minimizing carbon footprints, there are a few incredibly ingenious business owners, here in our own back yard, who are producing the top organic clothing sourced and MADE IN USA. Click To Tweet

I along with all the Americans who have fair wage jobs fully appreciate their willingness and vigor in going the extra mile to accomplish this and so do the rest of the planet for minimizing their carbon footprints . I thank and want to validate them here with this highlight of their beautiful shops below.

Asheville Apparel

Asheville Apparel Women Organic Clothing

 “From the seed to the shirt, from the farm to the fabric” Asheville Apparel makes it all happen in the USA. They  start with sourcing their fiber from the Texas Organic Growers Co-op. which then is spun, knit, finished and dyed in North and South Carolina. They use citrus for the natural dyes, peroxide wash from apples for their whites and non-radioactive, heavy metal free dyes for their colors. In regards to ethical fashion they love pushing the envelope and it is very apparent they do.

Asheville, NC
$$ – $$$
Women, Men and Children
Organic Cotton Active and Athletic Wear
To shop click HERE
Photo courtesy of Asheville Apparel

Earth Creations

Earth Creations Organic Cotton White Swing Top and Blue Pants

Earth Creations’ organic cotton and hemp is sourced from the states then cut, sewn and dyed in Alabama. Their resourceful use of natural clay dying and low impact dyes creates an earthy rainbow of colourful clothing and is very gentle to sensitive skin. They pride themselves in making a difference by positively impacting lives from the organic farmer, to the fabric knitter and to the people wearing their clothing.

Bessemer, Alabama
$$ – $$$
Women, Men and Children
Cotton Casual Wear
To shop click HERE
Photo via


Intouch Clothing Organic Cotton Capri Pants and Tops

Intouch’s cotton is GOTS certified organic and sourced locally in Los Angeles. They use low impact dyes with a local dye house to keep their carbon footprint small and ensure clothing that’s gentle on the skin. All of their products are proudly designed, produced and shipped from their Los Angeles CA facility.

 Los Angeles, Ca
Cotton Casual & Athletic Wear
To shop click HERE
Photo courtesy of Intouch

Mien Studios Mommy and Me Organic Outfits

Mien Studios uses fabrics sourced from a local family owned textile mill. For custom colors their local dye house uses a non-toxic process that is eco-friendly and conserves on water. This results in exceptionally soft clothing and gives a vintage look to their GOTS certified organic cotton. They pride themselves in creating clean working conditions, paying their workers fairly and ethical manufacturing practices.

Long Beach, Ca
$$ – $$$
Women and Children
Cotton Casual
To shop click HERE
Photo courtesy of Mien Studio


Purakai Organic Surf and Casual Wear Men, Women and Youth

Purakai founded by a father and daughter team, both surfers, are intent on protecting our oceans and keeping them free of toxins. They not only manufacture eco-friendly fashion but also high performance surf craft. They use California grown organic cotton and all their products are made in California as well.

 San Diego, Ca
Women, Men and Youth
Cotton Casual, Active and Surf Wear
To shop click HERE
Photo courtesy of Purakai

Rawganique Organic Cotton Made in USA Natural Tank Top

Rawganique is run on an off-the grid homestead where they produce a small selection of Made in USA casual, night and under wear made with organic Pima cotton. You can also find a nice selection of bed and bath Made in USA items. They pride themselves in being non-toxic and chemical free . The Natural color is never bleached nor dyed and for their non-toxic black dye, it is biodegradable, non-metallic and low-impact. They are my favorite store for organic hemp products but that is for my next article.

Point Roberts and Blaine, Wa
Women and Men
Cotton Casual, Night and Under Wear
To shop click HERE
Photo courtesy of Rawganique

SOS from Texas

SOS from Texas Cotton Made in USA Onsie and Bib

For 100 years the Oldham family has been growing Texas cotton and in 1992 were certified organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Their yarn is spun by a certified mill in North Carolina, then knitted and sewn in the Carolinas. Not only do they pride themselves in their organic farming best practices but in hiring American workers and paying lawful and fair wages. Their motto is that they produce high quality garments which are “good for man and good for the land”.

Texas, NC and the Carolinas
Women, Men, Youth and Babies
Organic Cotton Casual Wear
To shop click HERE
Photo courtesy of SOS from Texas

SOS from Texas Cotton
Photo Courtesy of SOS from Texas

As you can see there are so many wonderful choices within our  sourced and Made in USA featured clothing brands and hope you support all of them too. Stay tuned for the next article in my “Top Brands” series.  ♥ Nicole

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$ 1.00-9.00
$$ 9:00-99.00
$$$ 100.00 and up

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Federal Trade Commission Notice:This is not a sponsored post. I get excited over organic products and enjoy reviewing the ones I use and love. I appreciate, support and affiliate with those individuals and companies who are making a difference in the world exchanging ethical, high quality, natural and organic, sustainable products along with honoring fair trade. I do use Affiliate links in this post and receive small commissions when something is directly ordered through one of them. Where I can arrange special coupon codes from any of these, I will pass them on to you to help you save money while organicfying your life. Should you use my links to buy a product and help support those who help you and me, it is truly appreciated and I thank you. My reviews are and will always be based on my honest opinion.

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