Top Ideas for an Organic Bedroom & Better Health

Rawganique Organic Cotton, Hemp and Linen Bedding
Rawganique Organic Cotton, Hemp and Linen Bedding

Have you ever wondered what your bedding, curtains, mattress, foundation and furniture are made out of? Have you ever thought of how this is affecting your health? I did and once I educated myself on it, going organic made total sense to me and was one of the wisest moves I ever made.

Since my skin is the largest and fastest-growing organ, I chose bedding as my starting point. Looking at it, I spend hours each night wrapped up in them which is only surpassed by the clothing I wear all day.

Naturepedic Woman with Baby by Crib
Photo Courtesy of Naturepedic

With the increasing awareness of these issues  there is a myriad of wonderful certified organic and GOTS certified organic (definitions HERE) sheets & blankets of all types and fabrics today including linen and hemp options. For reasons within this article, HERE, I do not recommend any made of bamboo or soy.

Rawganiqes different sheet fabrics
Photo Courtesy of Rawganique

Lowering their carbon footprint yet another notch, there are a handful of businesses who source their raw materials in the USA in addition to the designing, cutting and sewing for bedding. All are fair trade, sweatshop free using certified organic cotton and/or are GOTS certified, which also means they are free from any heavy metals, fire retardants, chemicals, GMOs, or toxins such as dioxin, formaldehyde.

Top Sourced & Made in USA Organic Bedding


CozyPure Certified Organic Sateen Sheets
CozyPure Dragonfly Organic Cotton Reversible Matelasse Blanket and Sateen Sheets

CozyPure in 1990 was the first company in America to offer natural organic bedding products nationwide. Their artisans handcraft every piece “making everything fresh every day”.  95% is GOTS certified sourced from Texas and North Carolina. The other 5% is GOTS certified from overseas (when shortages in the US supply).

Norfolk, Va
Crib to Ca King Sizes
300 and 400 TC (*Thread Count) **Sateen Sheets
Also offer Duvet Covers, Blankets and More
Shop CozyPure
Photo Courtesy of CozyPure


LOOP GOTS Certified Organic Sheets Made in USA
LOOP Organic Sateen Sheets

LOOP has been manufacturing and delivering quality GOTS certified organic bedding for over 10 years and using water-based inks in the screenprinting of their blankets. They are extremely conscious about supporting jobs at home, the benefits of organic farming and keeping American soil healthy in addition to having much less impact on the environment when goods are not being shipped overseas.

New York, NY
Twin to Ca King Sizes
280 and 400 TC Sateen Sheets Made in USA
The Embroidered and Pleated are not Made in USA
Also offer Duvet covers and Blankets
Photo Courtesy of LOOP


Naturepedic Organic Cotton Crib Sheets
Photo Courtesy of Naturepedic

Founded in 2003 Naturepedic produces and offers certified organic bassinett and crib sheets. Babies and toddlers spend 10-14 hours a day sleeping and playing in a crib. As such, safe and healthy bedding is a top priority . See a study HERE about a study done about infants and their vulnerability to flame retardants.

Chagrin Falls, OH
Flannel, 300 TC Cotton and Sateen
Bassinett, Crib Sheets and Waterproof Pad
Shop Noble Carriage or Wild Dill

Organics and More

Organics and More Organic Cotton Stripe chenille herringbone blanket
Organics and More Organic Cotton Stripe Chenille Herringbone Blanket

At their South Carolina manufacturing facility Organics and More produces high-quality bedding, throws, blankets. The natural, colorgrown hue of the beautiful, sustainable cotton is woven in a variety of textures for incredible softness and style. They focus on wholesale so their products can be found through Yes it’s Organic.

Greensville, SC
Twin to Ca King Sizes
Flannel, 280 TC Sateen, 250 TC *Percale Sheets
Also offer Duvet Covers and Blankets
Photo Courtesy of Yes it’s Organic

Pure Living Space

Pure Living Space Organic Bedding
Pure Living Space Organic Sateen Sheets in Natural

Pure Living Space is a small family-run business. If you call them, you are likely to speak with one of the family. They are fanatics about customer service, product quality, and product knowledge. All bedding is handcrafted in the US in a “clean” working environment to reduce allergens. Order 2-4 weeks in advance since this bedding is handcrafted just for you.

Highland Park, Tx
Crib, Twin to King Sizes
Natural and Printed Sateen Sheets
Also offer Duvet Covers, Blankets and More
Shop Pure Living Space
Photo Courtesy of Pure Living Space

Rawganique Williamsburg Organic Cotton Cotton Blanket
Rawganique Williamsburg Organic Cotton Blanket

In the 90’s, US mills were closing left and right. Companies were moving their productions to India, China, and elsewhere to save costs, turning many mill cities in the US into ghost towns. At Rawganique they moved their production to Europe as an equal of the US in terms of sweatshop-free purity but kept working for many years to get their US manufacturing up and running again. They are so excited to have been able to put together their US production facilities again and producing back on US soil again.

I have their Colorgrown Pecan Flannel Sheets and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. They are the nicest most luxurious sheets I have ever owned.

Point Roberts and Blaine, Wa
Flannel, 250 TC Percale and 340 TC Sateen
Also Duvet Covers and Blankets
Shop Rawganique

Organic HempRawganique Chambray Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases and Duvet Covers
Rawganique Organic Hemp Chambray Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases and Duvet Covers

Special note: Rawganique is the first and only business to produce organic hemp bedding, have a beautiful selection of those along with a wonderful linen bedding they produce in their European facility.  They grow all their own and make it all themselves in house to ensure the highest quality products.

Shop Rawganique
Photos Courtesy of Rawganique

This wraps up my article on sourced and Made in USA bedding. I hope you find some you can wrap your family and yourself in.

Keep an eye out for my next posts about organic comforters and duvets as well as organic mattresses and foundations. Thank you for reading my article. Nicole

Pure Living Space Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets - Prints
Pure Living Space Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets – Prints

** HERE is a simple article about thread count.

HERE  is a simple guide to names and descriptions of the different types of sheets and which are best for cold or hot sleepers


Federal Trade Commission Notice:This is not a sponsored post. I get excited over organic products and enjoy reviewing the ones I use and love. I appreciate, support and affiliate with those individuals and companies who are making a difference in the world exchanging ethical, high quality, natural and organic, sustainable products along with honoring fair trade. I do use Affiliate links in this post and receive small commissions when something is directly ordered through one of them. Where I can arrange special coupon codes from any of these, I will pass them on to you to help you save money while organicfying your life. Should you use my links to buy a product and help support those who help you and me, it is truly appreciated and I thank you. My reviews are and will always be based on my honest opinion.

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