7 Top Children’s Certified Organic Clothing Stores

Considering babies and children spend most or all of their time with clothing of some sort against their skin, the healthiest choice a conscious parent can make now is to clothe their little ones in certified organic or GOTS certified organic clothing.

Colored Organics Organic Onsie
Photo Courtesy of Colored Organics

If you would like more information on what is happening with the incredible toxicity regarding the cotton and clothing industry, you may find a very informative read in “Beyond Monsanto’s GMO Cotton: Why Consumers Need to Care What We Wear” by Organic Consumers.

It was reported by Statistica that in 2017 94 percent of the US cotton crops were genetically modified (gm/containing an herbicide within). 96 other countries are growing gmo crops with Argentina, India, Paraguay, Pakistan, China, Mexico, South Africa and Australia  at 90 percent of their cotton crops being gm.

Photo Courtesy of Asheville Apparel

Those are some pretty astounding statistics. You may also be surprised by these toxic elements found in today’s children’s clothing listed below.

  • Glyphosate (also known as Roundup) herbicides used in the growing of cotton
  • Chlorine bleach used in whitening and removing stains
  • Formaldehyde used to shrink, make wrinkle-free and as a carrier for dying or printing and is in most of the clothing made overseas.
  • Off-gassing solvents used in printing
  • Water and stain repellents
  • Flame retardants required on children’s clothes
  • Ammonia to make resistant to shrinking
  • Heavy metals in dyes and printing
  • Phalates/Pastisol (chemical compounds) which are known endocrine disrupters

Information from: Greenpeace Detox CampaignEuropean Chemicals AgencyChemical Safety Facts

With all of this in mind, switching over to certified organic or GOTS certified organic clothing is a wise choice, eliminating any health concerns over what is being absorbed into your little one’s skin.

Gray Label Organic Kids Clothes Sold by Noble Carriage
Photo Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Gray Label

Below is a list of 7 children’s stores I researched where you can find clean, green, eco-friendly, sustainably made certified organic and/or GOTS certified organic baby and children’s ethical fashion who are sweatshop free and honor fair trade along with their price points.

The 7 Top Children’s Certified Organic Clothing Stores

Asheville Apparel

Asheville Apparel Organic Baby Snappie
Photo Courtesy of Asheville Apparel

Based in I The Carolinas
Highlight I  Grown & sewn in America
Pricing I $12-$48

“From the seed to the shirt, from the farm to the fabric” Asheville Apparel makes all their GOTS certified clothing in the USA. They  source their fiber from Texas Organic Growers Co-op then is spun, knit, finished and dyed in North and South Carolina.

They use citrus for the natural dyes, peroxide wash from apples for their whites and non-radioactive, heavy metal free dyes for their colors.

Ashville Apparel offers  ethical fashion bibs, snappies, short and long sleeve tees, tanks, jackets, pullovers, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, hats and accessories.


Colored Organics LLC

Colored Organics Organic Baby & Children's Clothing
Photo Courtesy of Colored Organics

Based in I St Paul, Mn
Highlight I 50% of profits help to give homes to children in need
Pricing I $6-$38

Colored Organics’ GOTS certified children’s clothing is naturally hypoallergenic, non-toxic and sustainably produced.

They offers layette, sleepers, body suits, rompers, tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories for newborns, baby and children.


Earth Creations

Earth Creations Organic Infant Snappies and Youth Tees
Photo Courtesy of Earth Creations

Based in I Bessemer, Alabama
Highlight I Uses natural clay dyes
Pricing I $18-$20

From start to finish in America, Earth Creations’ organic cotton and hemp is sourced from the Carolinas then cut, sewn and dyed in their Bessemer, Alabama headquarters.

Their resourceful use of natural clay dying and low impact dyes creates an earthy rainbow of colourful clothing and is very gentle to sensitive skin. Earth Creations offer infant snappies and youth tees.


Mien Studios

Mien Studios
Photo Courtesy of Mien Studios

Based in I Long Beach, Ca
Highlight I Mommy and Me Outfits
Pricing I $34-$68

Mien Studios uses fabrics sourced from a local family owned textile mill. From start to finish all made in USA America. T

For custom colors their local dye house uses a non-toxic process that is eco-friendly and conserves on water. This results in exceptionally soft clothing and gives a vintage look to their GOTS certified organic cotton.

Mien Studios offers Mommy and Me outfits which include jumpers, jackets and dresses for children.


Noble Carriage 

Noble Carriage, a truly premier on-line children’s store, with offices based in California, believes in brands who make products with a healthy planet in mind. Unfortunately, even if labeled “all-natural” or “organic,” baby clothing can still be filled with harmful chemicals so all these brands have been fully researched so they carry truly certified organic or GOTS certified, eco-friendly, fair trade and sustainable products. Following are the certified organic children’s clothing brands they offer with their price points.

Billie Blooms 

Billie Blooms Organic Children Clothes
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Billie Blooms

Based in I Brooklyn, NY
Highlight I 1st ever to make 100% organic bloomers
Pricing I $34-$68

Billie Blooms were the first 100% organic and ethically made baby bloomers designed exclusively for Noble Carriage by Billie Blooms. Made in USA. Noble Carriage offers their baby bloomers and harem pants for children.



Briar Handmade

Briar Handmade organic colorful bonnet
Courtesy of Nobel Carriage/Briar Handmade

Based in I Pacific Northwest
Highlight I Outstanding handmade bonnets
Pricing I $25-$42

Briar Handmade’s founder and designer, Rachel, along with her team of female seamstresses proudly (and carefully) manufacture baby bonnets in the USA. Noble Carriage falling in love with these partnered with Brian Handmade to make an exclusive collection just for them using only organic materials.



Fog Linen

Fog Linen Organic hooded swaddle
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Fog Linen

Based in I Lithuania
Highlight I Adorable Hooded Swaddles
Pricing I $12-$30

While traveling to Lithuania, a country that grows flax whose fibers are spun into linen, Yumiko Sekine founder of Fog Linen, was inspired to produce her own designs out of this beautiful linen and is designing them there as well now. Noble Carriage offers her certified organic baby hats, rompers, hooded swaddles, mittens and cardigans.




Glerup naturally processed wool children's boots
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Glerup

Based in I Denmark
Highlight I Rare slip-on wool baby booties
Pricing I $12-$30

Glerups makes the coziest slip-on  baby booties out of wool that is naturally processed and the product is closely followed all the way from sheep to baby’s foot. They come in grey and black plus two styles plain and tie-up. I am including them in our organic list as they are purely naturally processed AND UNBELIEVABLY CUTE.




Goat-Milk Organic Baby Outfits
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Goat-Milk

Based in I NYC and Oakland, Ca
Highlight I European aesthetic flair
Pricing I $15-$47

Goat-Milk produces 100% GOTS certified organic cotton jersey one-pieces, rompers, union suits, tops, leggings and socks.



Gray Label

Gray Label Organic Children's Clothes
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Gray Label

Based in I Netherlands
Highlight I Cutest booties ever
Pricing I $13-$63

Gray Label, locally make the absolute softest 100% GOTS certified organic booties, bonnets, dresses, tops and pants in every color that matters for the little minimalist.



Hansel from Basel

Hansel from Basel Organic Striped Leggings
Courtesy of Noble Carriage

Based in I Los Angeles, Ca
Highlight I Whimsical & zesty legwear
Pricing I $19-$23

Hansel from Basel’s founder, Hannah, is an artist-turned-designer who with a sense of much-needed zest thoughtfully designs whimsical and magical legwear which is locally produced using certified organic cotton.



Little Minis

Little Minis Organic Dresses
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Little Minis

Based in I Los Angeles, Ca USA
Highlight I Limited edition dresses
Pricing I $89-$110

Little Minis, started by two moms, produce the cutest little girl’s dresses in 100% organic cotton. The majority of their fabrics are hand-picked and saved from high quality and left over manufactures instead of ordered new from mills. The pieces are limited-edition pieces that cannot be remade because of the quantity of yards found.



Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini Organic Kids Clothing
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Mini Rodini

Based in I Sweden
Highlight I Cutest organic hat with ears
Pricing I $50-$52

Mini Rodini, founded by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin, produces very colorful and whimsical leggings, onesies, shorts, rompers, tees and jackets. Noble Carriage  carries her certified organic black ear hats and little girl’s dungarees.


Misha and Puff

Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Misha + Puff

Based in I New England and Peru
Highlight I Hand knit and dyed merino wool sun
Pricing I $48-$139

Misha and Pull make the most unbelievably gorgeous hand knit and 100% hand dyed natural merino wool outfits adorned with hand made horn buttons. These are created in Peru from fiber, to garment by a group of knitters who either knit from their home or at Noble Carriage’s knitting center (which provides day care and meals which allows them to support their families).

Did you know what was found out when researching best practices? That fiber with an organic designation needs to be sprayed with chemical anti-pesticides when going to, for instance, china for construction. So it is always important to really look and know what you are getting.

Noble Carriage offers their sun hats, bonnets, berets, sunsuits, playsuits, bloomers, rompers and swing dresses that are all machine washable.



Oeuf Alpaca Baby Outfit with WIngs
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Oeuf

Based in I Brooklyn, NY
Highlight I Baby alpaca crown hats
Pricing I $19-$49

Ouef is known for their 100% GOTS certified organic pima cotton layette collection (newborns) and soft hypoallergenic and eco-friendly 100% baby alpaca knits (known for their superior warmth made in Bolivia & Peru). Noble Carriage offers their onesies, bloomers, rompers, tops, tanks, leggings, alpaca knit crown hats and sweaters.


Petite Soul 

Organic Children's Green Hat
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Petite Soul

Based in I NYC
Highlight I Baby bonnets with a flair
Pricing I $26

Petite Soul is a baby and toddler accessory brand owned and operated by two mamas using . They believe the bonnet is the staple of the modern child’s wardrobe. These offered by Noble Carriage are made of 100% organic cotton in a classic eyelet pattern in a few color options.



Tasty Ties

Organic Limited Edition Ties
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Tasty Ties

Based in I San Diego, CA
Highlight I Organic limited edition bow ties
Pricing I $19

Tasty Ties is a company who creates limited edition bow ties made from scrap pieces of 100% organic cotton in USA. These handsome bow ties made exclusively for Noble Carriage are a must for that wedding, other special occasions, or to just dress up an outfit for the organic little dapper boy in your life.


Winter Water Factory

Winter Water Factory Organic Children's Clothing
Courtesy of Nobel Carriage/Winter Water Factory

Based in I Brooklyn, NY
Highlight I Beautifully creative prints and designs
Pricing I $34-$109

Winter Water Factory’s co-founder, Stephanie, is a self-taught designer behind these beautiful creative screen prints and designs. All are produced from 100% certified organic cotton and made in USA America. Noble Carriage offers their long and short sleeve rompers, dresses and gift sets. You can also find dolls with matching outfits.


Woven Play

Wovenplay Organic Seafoam Swimsuit Sunsuit
Courtesy of Noble Carriage/Wovenplay

Based in I NYC, NY
Highlight I Hand printed & finished swim/sun suits & trunks
Pricing I $80-$88

Wovenplay creates the most delightful swimsuits – sunsuits and swim trunks. These are all hand-printed organic cotton and are hand-made or hand-finished in their studio. You can also find dolls with matching outfits (see one in photo)


SOS from Texas

SOS from Texas Organic Snappie
Courtesy of SOS from Texas

Based in I Samnorwood, Texas
Highlight I 100+ years been growing their own cotton
Pricing I $12-$15

The Oldham family has been growing Texas cotton for generations (100 years) and in 1992 received their organic certification. Their yarn is spun by a certified mill in North Carolina, then knitted and sewn in the Carolinas USA.

Their motto is that they produce high quality garments which are “good for man and good for the land”.

They offer bibs, snappies, and long sleeve crew neck t-shirts.


Wild Dill 

Wild Dill is a leading source of natural, organic, eco-friendly and fair trade baby products. Following are the certified organic clothing brands they offer for newborns through 4 tall sizes and they also offer 15% off on any first time purchase.


Anarkid Organic Onesie
Courtesy of Wild Dill/Anarkid

Based in I Australia
Highlight I Uses 100% organic vegetable dyes
Pricing I $12-$15

Anarkid uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and prints the clothing with 100% organic vegetable dyes. Wild Dill offers their onesies and Tees.




Axl striped onesie
Photo Courtesy of Axl

Based in I San Francisco, Ca
Highlight I  Simple, clean, modern basics
Pricing I $30

Axl based produces their handsome  children’s clothing using certified organic cotton for those looking for simple, clean, modern basics. Wild Dill offers their footed rompers and onepieces.



BioME 5 Organic ABC baby Tees
Courtesy of bioME 5

Based in I Detroit, Mi
Highlight I  Educational animal alphabet prints
Pricing I $26

bioME 5: Workshop is inspired by the Earth’s various natural biomes (communities of organisms adapted to a particular environment) such as: desert, grasslands, aquatics, forests, and tundra.

Their certified organic baby and children’s apparel made in USA America features a modern interpretation on the traditional animal alphabet. Wild Dill offers the full alphabet of onesies and Tees. Great gift idea.

SHOP bioME 5


Hebrew Baby Collection

Hebrew Baby Collection
Courtesy of Wild Dill/Hebrew Baby Collection

Based in I Unknown
Highlight I  Hebrew inscriptions baby onesies
Pricing I $26

Hebrew Baby Collection – 100% certified organic cotton, pre-shrunk low Impact, eco-friendly screen print. This t-shirt’s Hebrew inscription translates to “Everything Honey”. Made in India and printed in USA. Wild Dill offers their onesies.


Nui Organics

Nui Organics Pink Leggings
Courtesy of Wild Dill/Nui Organics

Based in I New Zealand
Highlight I Silky soft comfortable leggings
Pricing I $16

Nui Organics, founded in 2004, makes exceptional quality, comfortable, innovative, imaginative and fashion forward children’s clothing. They design for long-term wear and use quality materials that respect both people and planet.

Besides GOTS certified cotton, they use organic merino wool for its unique blend of beauty, function, and sustainability. Each year they create a special collection to showcase the charm of merino wool in unique and exciting ways.

Wild Dill offers Nui Organics’s GOTS certified cotton silky soft baby leggings.




Oeuf Organic Bambi HoodieBased in I Brooklyn, NY
Highlight I Baby alpaca outfits
Pricing I $28-$146

Wild Dill also offers Ouef which was featured above but I included them again as Wild Dill offers a different set of their GOTS certified layette and baby collection including jumpsuits, bloomers, shirts, pants, leggings, and alpaca knit hoodies, booties, bonnets, hats, mittens and sweaters.



Sckoon Onesie
Courtesy of Wild Dill/Sckoon

Based in I Miami and NYC
Highlight I Uses metal free dyes
Pricing I $18 – $42

Sckoon uses 100% certified organic cotton and environmentally friendly, metal free dyes for their clothing that is made in India. Wild Dill offers their certified organic tees.



Tenth and Pine

Tenth and Pine T-shirt
Courtesy of Wild Dill/Tenth and Pine

Based in I Los Angeles, Ca
Highlight I Gender-neutral baby clothes
Pricing I $24

Tenth and Pine’s gender-neutral 100% certified cotton t-shirts are made in the USA organic with premium quality screen prints.



Wild Dill Kids

Courtesy of Wild Dill

Based in I San Francisco, Ca
Highlight I 1st year memorabilia tees
Pricing I $24 – $26

Wild Dill Kids produces 100% certified organic cotton 1st year memorabilia tees and onesies using eco-friendly screen printing.



Winter Water Factory

Winter Water Factory Organic Jumpsuit
Courtesy of Wild Dress/Winter Water Factory

Based in I Brooklyn, NY
Highlight I Beautifully creative prints and designs
Pricing I $22-$44

Wild Dill also offers Winter Water Factory dresses, rompers and kerchief bibs. They were already featured above but I included it again as they have so many different wonderful prints that I didn’t want you to miss out on these should you love the Winter Water Factory products like I do.


We are at the end of my list and I hope this helps in organic-fying a child’s life  Thanks for visiting. Nicole

Mom and baby
Photo Courtesy of Noble Carriage


Federal Trade Commission Notice: This is not a sponsored post. I get excited over organic products and enjoy reviewing the ones I use and love. I appreciate, support and affiliate with those individuals and companies who are making a difference in the world exchanging ethical, high quality, natural and organic, sustainable products along with honoring fair trade. I do use Affiliate links in this post and receive small commissions when something is directly ordered through one of them. Where I can arrange special coupon codes from any of these, I will pass them on to you to help you save money while organicfying your life. Should you use my links to buy a product and help support those who help you and me, it is truly appreciated and I thank you. My reviews are and will always be based on my honest opinion.

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