Top Organic Stuffed Animals and Dolls that Will Enchant any Baby and Child

Photo Courtesy of Noble Carriage

In the magical world of children you can always find their most beloved traveling buddies made up of the cutest stuffed animals and adorable dolls along with their favorite trips made to fascinating new towns built of wonderful wooden blocks and fantastical erected tents.

Courtesy of Wild Dill with Frida Doll

If they had their choice they would wave their magic hand creating the most organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic and fair trade universe for  their cherished friends to live and romp around in with them.

Photo Courtesy of Hazel Village

It is up to us as moms, dads, family and friends to help children achieve this in the safest and healthiest way since they can’t always make it happen on their own at their young age.

Below you will meet some of the most amazing organic stuffed toys to introduce your little ones to which are totally free of  Azo colorants, toxic plastics BPA and PVC,  fragrance, heavy metals, lead, gmo cotton, pesticides , flame retardants, formaldehyde or toxic chemicals (more information in this related article).  With these you can rest assured your little loved ones  are in the very best company.


Photo Courtesy of Hazel Village

Every brand featured below uses sustainable organic materials, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, honor fair trade and all these soft dolls and stuffed animals are made with a lot of love and care.

Every toy’s exterior is made of organic materials. Some are organic through and through. I advise the latter for babies since they love to chew on their dolls. I marked these with a ♥ under “Special Features” in each section so you can find them easily.

 Bebe Moss 

Based in I Istanbul, Turkey
Highlight I Handknit & Crocheted by 80 Moms
Pricing I $30 – $62 (see store specific notes below)

Loving and adept knitting moms, some stay-at-home and others from the Syrian refugee community center, delightfully handcraft these ever-so-soft creations, all while supporting their own families and contributing to a healthier world through the creation of these Bebe Boss organic eco-friendly toys. The large stuffed animals can double as pillows.

Special Features

  • Handknit and crocheted
  • GOTS certified organic cotton yarn
  • OEKO-TEX 100 hypoallergenic polyfill
  • Bebe Moss store offers natural untreated wool stuffing at no additional cost
  • Phthalate-free plastic eyes
  • Special safety anchored eyes that are safe
  • All ages
  • Small: 7″
  • Regular: 14″
  • Large: 31″
  • Conforms to CE standards on toy safety

Meet the Creatures

Courtesy of Our Green House

Atty Grey Bear · Atty Brown Bear
Bao the Panda · Barry the Elephant
Ginger the Sleepy Bunny Small · in More Colors 
Momo the Monkey · Mouse Emma ·
Oliver the Cat
 · Peter the Rabbit · Large Rabbit
Large Turtle · Large Fox · White Sheep Darla

Photo courtesy of Bebe Moss

I am listing a few shopping options as some of these are available at one store but not the other.

Bebe Moss Specific:
Natural untreated wool stuffing option at no additional charge. Just ask for.
♥ For our readers: 20% off with code excitedoverorganic
$5 off 1st order
$11 flat shipping rate any sized order
Ships from Turkey

Wild Dill Specific: Free shipping in and from the USA

Our Green House Specific: 4.95 flat rate shipping in USA excluding Ak and Hi.


Finn + Emma

Based in I Unknown
Highlight I Big sibling–Little Sibling Paired stuffed animals
Pricing I $24 – $54 + Free shipping for orders $50+ US (no Hi or Ak)

Finn + Emma ingeniously created this fanciful set of matching stuffed animals, dolls, rattles and pacifier holders where siblings (boys or girls alike) can play together with the same animal toys but in appropriate sizes. That wasn’t the only purpose though, this also allows for a child’s beloved toy companion to “grow up” alongside him and her as they grow themselves never having to leave their best buddy behind.

  • Matching Big Buddies, Rattle Buddies & Pacifier Holders
  • Handknit and made in Peru & Vietnam
  • GOTS certified 100% organic cotton yarn
  • Big Buddies stuffed with virgin polyester
  • Rattle Buddies and holders are stuffed with wool
  • Phthalate-free rattle inside
  • Holder lead/nickel-free metal clip 
  • Non-toxic eco-friendly dyes
  • Hand wash and hang dry
  • Heirloom quality
  • All ages
  • Big Buddies: 15″
  • Rattle Buddies: 8″
  • All certifications & testing available here

Meet the Buddies

Big Buddies
Daisy the Zebra · Oona the Owl
Sienna the Fawn · Simon the Skunk

Rattle Buddies    
Daisy the Zebra · Dreamworld Raccoon
Henry the Husky · Jack the Sailor
Simon the Skunk

Pacifier Holders
Amy the Giraffe · Daisy the Zebra
Fredrick the Viking Bear · Gunnar the Viking
Simon the Skunk

Meet Oona the Owl
Oh, and we mustn’t forget Oona! She always has a smile on her face ready to incite some giggles. She is an organic fabric doll hooo is 11″, stuffed with polyfill and made in India).

Photos courtesy of Finn + Emma


Hazel Village

Based in I Brooklyn, NY
Highlight I Whimsical Woodland Animals and Folk
Pricing I $48 – $64
Custom Wool-Filled Dolls I $150-$250
Noble Carriage I Free shipping for orders $50+ USA 
Wild Dill I Free shipping in the US

Welcome to Hazel Village’s whimsical world of the cutest and most fashionable forest creatures any little boy or girl will ever meet. Each and every one of these love to be snuggled and are handmade with love.

Created and designed by the extremely artistic Jane Van Clee.

  • Designed and some cut  in Brooklyn, NY
  • Handmade in NY, Nepal, India and Peru
  • Embroidered faces
  • Made of organic cotton
  • Non chemically treated polyfill stuffing
  • ♥ Custom orders with wool stuffing available for an additional cost
  • Hand wash
  • Heirloom quality
  • All ages
  • Remove doll clothes for under 3 years
  • Most 15″
  • Complies with toy safety laws

Meet the Hazel Village Woodland Friends

Flora Fox · Gracie Cat · Josie the Chipmunk
Gwendolyn Racoon in White and in Gold
Juliette the Party Rabbit and  in Berries
Lewis the French Toad and  in Romper
Lucas the Cuddly Rabbit
Max the Hipster Raccoon and in Blue & White
Nicholas Bear Cub in Romper and in Overalls
Nicholas Winter Bear Cub
Oliver the Mouse · Owen the Fox
Phoebe the Bohemian Fawn with Crown
Reginald Fox · Zoe the Fancy Rabbit

Meet our Hazel Village’s Delightful Small Folk

Introducing Louise, Fern and Celia of Hazel Village
Introducing Louise, Fern and Celia of Hazel Village

Ada  · Celia  · Fern · Louise · Nell

Photos courtesy of Hazel Village


Jess Brown

Photo Courtesy of Noble Carriage

Based in
I Petaluma, Ca
Highlight I Signature Handmade Rag Dolls
Pricing I $198 – $245 + Free shipping for orders $50+ USA 

Jess made her first dolls for her own kids out of cashmere sweaters and antique remnants. In her Northern California studio each rag doll is cut to order and all are created with the finest organic, natural, and vintage materials. She travels the world and handpick fabrics from around the globe. No two are alike and colors may vary. They are loved by ladies and gents of all ages.

  • Made from muslin
  • Noble Carriage’s selection is certified organic
  • Embroidered faces
  • Stuffed with sustainable corn fiber
  • Spot Clean
  • 3 Year +
  • 22 inches

Meet the Ladies
Coco · Dixie · Circus in Raspberry Red · in Seafoam
Misha and Puff · Stella



Based inI Berlin, Germany
Highlight I 100% New Wool Filling
Pricing I $85

  • Embroidered face
  • Organic cotton exterior
  • ♥ 100% new wool filling
  • Swinging arms & legs
  • Hand wash or wool setting machine
  • All ages
  • 12″ tall

Maroma + Arte

Based in I Tijuana, Baja Ca
Highlight I Handmade
Pricing I $85 + Free shipping for orders $50+ USA 

In 2014 Nade Urquieta, an incredible artist and illustrator, founded Maroma & Art with her brother, Hector.  Each colorful doll is handmade so you will never find two that are exactly alike. Their personalities fill any room. They are popular and add a little flair anywhere they travel.

  • Each handmade
  • Embroidered faces
  • 100% organic linen exterior
  • Hypoallergenic stuffing
  • Spot Clean
  • All ages
  • 22 inches tall

Meet the personalities
David Bowie · Frida Kahlo in ivory · Frida in Indigo


Our Green House

Based in I Newtown, Ct
Highlight I Organic and Natural Kids Store
Pricing I $21 – $84 (see more below)

Our Green House is owned by a socially conscious family who sources eco-friendly, fair trade, natural and organic stuffed animals and dolls. Below are some they offer where a specific brand was not named. Since there are a few I just listed their features and you can see links to each of the soft dolls or stuffed animals below those.

  • Made in USA
  • Hand crafted in the Green Mountain State of Vermont
  • Embroidered face
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Filled with unbleached cotton clippings
  • 7″-11″
  • All ages
  • Machine washable and air dry
  • $27 – $84
    Bunny · Ellie the ElephantLabrador Puppy · Snuggle Doll





  • Handknit in Peru
  • Embroidered face
  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • All natural dyes
  • 4″
  • $16

Under the Nile

Based in 
I Chesterfield, NJ
Highlight I Assorted Prints – No two alike
Pricing I $8 – $26

Under the Nile is a leader in children’s clothing production and being zero-waste conscious, creates the most delightfully squeezable quirky and colorful stuffed animals and veggies out of their left over organic cotton scraps.

The Veggies are made through their 13 Villages Project. “This initiative was created by Under the Nile Founder, Janice Masoud, to provide fair and safe work for women in rural villages in Egypt, without having to leave their home. Each of the 13 fruits and veggies are made by women in a different village in Egypt.”

  • Handcrafted in Egypt
  • Quirky and colorful prints
  • Embroidered faces
  • 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton
  • 100% GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton stuffing
  • Machine wash and tumble dry completely
  • Length: 5″ – 16″
  • All ages
  • All toys are tested and meet strict CPSA and European standard requirements.

Meet the Assorted Scrappy Cats
Meet the Assorted Scrappy Dogs 

Dolls with Knots for our Teething Tots
Bunny Blanket Lovie (pink) · Little Lion · Waldorf Blue & Pink
Waldorf Lime · Waldorf doll beige ·

And Meet the Rest of the Gang

Photos courtesy of Our Green House


I hope you find these to be as enchanting as I do.

Be it a baby shower, child’s birthday, special holiday or “just because”, an organic stuffed animal or soft doll is always a fun and healthy pick for those special little ones in your life while also contributing to organic-fying their life. And I have never found a baby, little girl or boy who didn’t love being introduced to new enchanting friends as these.
Thanks for visiting and reading this. Nicole

Federal Trade Commission Notice: This is not a sponsored post. I get excited over organic products and enjoy reviewing the ones I use and love. I appreciate, support and affiliate with those individuals and companies who are making a difference in the world exchanging ethical, high quality, natural and organic, sustainable products along with honoring fair trade. I do use Affiliate links in this post and receive small commissions when something is directly ordered through one of them. Where I can arrange special coupon codes from any of these, I will pass them on to you to help you save money while organicfying your life. Should you use my links to buy a product and help support those who help you and me, it is truly appreciated and I thank you. My reviews are and will always be based on my honest opinion.

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