About Me

Hi. My name is Nicole Wheldon. Since I can remember I have strived for a purposeful, healthy, happy life and have always loved helping others achieve this too.

A few years ago a wonderful friend of mine became terminally ill so I poured through books with the hopes I could help her turn her health around. Though it was too late for her, I became acutely aware of how toxic the environment had gotten.

I radically changed my life, personally implementing those natural organic ideas and solutions, with awesome results. I am always on the look-out for any effective organic and natural beauty, health, fashion, food or environmental products and solutions.

Knowing how excited over organic I am, many of my family, friends and clients come to me for advice, which products are best and ask about my successful actions. I enjoy sharing this information and thought you might find it helpful too.

I truly believe by increasing one’s awareness and just adding one natural or organic product or solution at a time, anyone can start from where they are right now and achieve a greatly improved life. It is a great honor for me when I can help bring this about and I thank you for reading my blog.