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Christina Moss Naturals Facial Cleanser

Our faces being in the forefront of all of our activities and our ambassador of first impression deserve all the pampering they can get.

The most delicate of all our skin is facial so it needs that special attention along with essential moisturizing and nourishment.

Being very conscious of what I put on my skin I am always looking for the highest quality organic & natural facial products. There are so many products on the market these days so I am always being asked which products I’ve researched and found to be the safest, most economical and the ones that really work for me so here you go.



Christina Moss Naturals Organic Skin and Body Care Products

Of all the products I found, these are at the top of the list. All of these products are 100% organic which is ideal in what I look for. Another wonderful factor is they are all extremely concentrated, creamy and LONG lasting which makes them the most economical.

The Toner I originally received as a Mother’s Day gift. That night I went home and saw an immediate difference using this toner. My pores were instantly and noticeably tighter & my skin brighter. This was LOVE at first try. I know someone who works there and told her how much I loved it. Knowing that I blog she offered to send me the organic facial line to try. Oh my goodness, what a treat! I received the following; The Facial Cleanser (unscented) , the Facial moisturizer (unscented), the Anise Facial Moisturizer and the Eye Cream. I wanted to really see what they could do so I used all of these for a full two months myself every day two times a day. I also asked a friend, Karolin, who has normal to oily skin to test these as well to get feed back about her likes for her skin type.

Christina Moss Naturals Facial Cleanser and Eye CreamThe Facial Cleanser: I know this may sound funny but this Cleanser really cleanses. It gently removes any surface oils, make up and leaves my face really feeling unbelievably clean. It is not drying at all even though it seems to leave no oil. Both Karolin and I LOVED this.

The Moisturizers: These are very rich and creamy and much thicker than any other product I have used besides masks. But they really absorb and leave my skin moisturized ALL day and night. I am very picky on these products as I don’t like to feel anything on my face so this works great for that.

When we had a particularly dry spell my husband needed some and stole my unscented version so I didn’t really get to use it much. He loved it (makes sense as it won an award for men’s moisturizers).

Karolin and I really only tested the Anise scented version though they are essentially the same otherwise. Though we both prefer unscented products in general we LOVED this as well. Anise oil is known for diminishing spots, acne, and repairing damaged skin along with making it smooth and soft.

The Eye Cream: We both experienced diminished fine lines in just the short time we applied this (twice a day). Ok, what is not to find fantastic about that?!  This is the first product I found that actually does this for me. That speaks volumes for itself. My mom tried it too as she has very thin sensitive skin and it has been very moisturizing for her. This has become essential to me routine.



100% Pure

100% Pure was my first “Natural with Organic Ingredients” find many years ago. I initially was looking for mascara that would not sting or make my eyes water. To this day I have not found a better natural (with some organic ingredients) mascara brand that works for me and I have tried a lot.

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream: 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

It REALLY handles puffiness along with reducing the dark circles under my eyes. I must say I have always had pretty dark circles so it would take a miracle to reduce them fully but this does take it down a notch so much so that my friends comment on it. Also one morning my friends eyes swelled up so much she could hardly see, I had her put some on and to our surprise the swelling diminished in a matter of minutes. I haven’t found anything that does this this well. It is pretty amazing stuff. This is a natural, vegan product with some  organic ingredients.

Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask:

100% Pure Ginsing Hydrating Mask

I happened upon these luxurious treats by accident (I received a set of 5 masks as a free trial with a purchase I made through 100% Pure online).  Wow! You can really feel it working with a gentle tingling action. My husband laughs at me with them on but they do give my face a nice boost and he agrees. This has a high organic ingredient content.

SHOP 100% Pure


Indian Healing Clay

This 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay is the most incredible deep pore cleansing mask. It can be used weekly for a deep cleaning, tightening of the skin and getting a youthful glow. This is a must have. It can make some people’s faces red a little (doesn’t stay red long) so test it yourself and don’t use it immediately before a big event. The one I use is by Health & Beauty, LTD. For external you want the Calcium version. The sodium version is for internal. This also works wonders on insect bites or skin irritations and in the bath.



I hope you find this helpful to your facial regimen. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Skin and Body Care

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Christina Moss Naturals and The Detox Market

Thanks for reading this, Nicole 


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