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All of my writings and photos are covered by copyright.  All rights are reserved. Please do not copy,  republish or use any without receiving written permission from the editor of this blog/website.


The information within is for informational purposes only. I am not a  licensed expert nor medical doctor so can not give any medical advice. There is no intention of  diagnosing or treating any condition or disease. I always advise that one tries out a product before one purchases it to ensure you are satisfied with it & that it is effective for you.

The basis of my writing is my own personal experience and any research done by myself or any other contributors, including traditional and background information or on clinical trial that are not recogzed with medical organizations or government agencie . The Food & Drug Administration has not  evaluated the information.


Excitedoverorganic mainly uses products already owned but is sometimes offered products and asked to review them. I am always happy to receive, take a look at, try and evaluate for myself any natural or organic products from beauty care, health, accessories, lifestyle, apparel to household & office.  I do not promise a review by accepting any of these. It is always my joy when something does meet my personal & blog standards to review & pass it along to my readers.  Every posted review is solely my opinion and based on my own experience. I recommend products I have tested and am excited over!


Some of my posts might include affiliate links for products that are mentioned. Not all links are such. In those cases I do recieve monetary compensation on items that have been purchased through them. Using these help support the blog to keep it free and flowing. As I mentioned earlier, I only recommend products I am very excited over myself.