Wild Dill

Wild Dill an independent online retailer of organic, eco-friendly and fair trade baby products  and has established itself as a premier source for natural baby products and gifts. It’s the one-stop shop for anyone looking for natural and organic baby toys, organic baby clothing, or any other natural alternatives to traditional children’s products. Materials used to make the clothing, bedding, or toys include soy fiber, bamboo fabric, and organic cotton.

Note:  This site has a great search option at the bottom left of the sales pages so please  search with “organic” to find those. I advise sticking with organic cotton & staying away from soy and bamboo.  Click HERE to see article on why (under Soy & Bamboo section).

Wild Dill also has a beautful selection of adorable organic Hazel Village dolls, stuffed animals, tag-along pals (in rattle/teething section), infant & children clothing,  bath & bed items and more.

They feature a lot of Made in USA products.

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link.  I am passionate about advocating an organic life, have researched, trust, and recommend  this store. Should you purchase through this link, which is no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission which will help support my research &  continuing to provide data like this.